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28 Hours without a shower.....mmmm nice

Well we arrived in Munich safely. The plane trip was uneventful which is a good thing considering all the nasty things sitting in close confines can bring. When you are sitting at the departure gate and you see smelly oversized gents or guys wearing orange shoes doing push ups on dirty carpet it can be a concern. However because of Adam's good karma we got a lovely skinny girl on her way to Morocco. Next.....well stop in Bangkok..uneventful....Dubai......crazy busy.....Munich Hallelujah. Although we did spend mmmmm about an hour wandering around their large (but clean) terminal looking for the Peugeot Hire Desk. After pestering a rude german woman ( I know shocking isn't it that a german wouldn't be helpful), who worked at the information desk, to ring for us it turned out the poor guy had been waiting upstairs the whole time and we had walked straight past him....typical.

Munich....beautiful. Much prettier than we expected. We cruised, as only we can do, up the main street and just took it all in. Munich has a very young trendy vibe. It is really clean and that means no graffiti, litter or unsightly things, although ugly people are still free to roam. We stopped for a coffee, ordered a medium because we were feeling caffeine deprived and received a mug bigger than our heads to drink..Note to self ask for small coffee next time. We also learned pretty quickly that you have to stay out of the bike lanes. The footpaths are divided up into bike lane and footpath and whoa if you be so brave as to cross over than be prepared...bells ringing, heads shaking and language (inappropriate and offensive i'm guessing) comes out of all directions.

Early to bed as we felt we deserved a restful night sleep and wanted to be fresh and clean for our drive to Salzburg. After waking up feeling like we had slept on a plank of wood all night we were dressed, eager and fresh to hit Austria. Let the roadtrip begin!!

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