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Get Some Pork on Your Fork

sunny 25 °C

So each day we become more and more knowledgeable about the world. Here are some things we have learned this week:

1. Prague is like the european version of Bali - there are people everywhere here for Easter. Imagine being at the Easter Show and squeezing past people to get to an open space. There is also the situ when you feel like everyone is walking the other way, swimming against the tide so to speak, so you feel it is just easier to turn around and go with them. In saying all of that, yes Prague(Praha) is beautiful. Charles Bridge has great sculptures every few metres along on both sides, surprisingly though a lot of them are quite demonic and seem to have an evil subtext. None of the plaques have any English at all, so unless you commit your first born for a guide book then you just have to infer and speculate (which is actually more fun). There is one section where people were queuing to rub som statue of a fat man thing and we had no idea why, but when in Rome, he felt good. We spent three days walking kilometre after kilometre visiting every possible nook and cranny we could find, the best ones had pots of gold (also known as .3litre Gambrinus).

2. Buy your coffee far far away from tourist spots. After visiting Prague castle, and deciding not to see the Midday concert which started at 1pm (??), we felt in dire need of a caffeine hit. We sat down at a lovely looking kavarna (cafe) because greedy guts we are noticed they had bowls of chips on the table. Beauty, free feed!!! WRONG! Written in tiny writing on a sticker on the side of the bowl facing away from the chairs was the price of 45kroner, which is about $3. So fingers off, who needs junk food anyway? So dva cappucino prosim (2 capps please) and leisurely sat there drinking and when we said uchet prosim(cheque please) we found we had been charged 110kroner for 1 coffee. The other side of the bridge was only 45. Thieving so and so's. So after stern words about how we were not happy and were going to tell all our friends (consider yourselves told) not to go there, we flounced away. You should see us flounce, we are good.

3. Karlovy Vary is better than Prague, or at least we thought so. It is a town west of Prague on the Ohre River and a population of 60 000 and is totally devoted to spa and health retreats. We took a day trip out to there and another small village called Loket. Karlovy Vary (KV) had a feeling of opulence and wealth but not intimidating. It is based on the thermal springs that are all around that area. These are supposed to be healing waters and all through the town are little fountains where you can fill your spa cup. A spa cup is a little tea pot looking thing ranging in size from 60ml to 1/2 litre. You sip the sulphury tasting water from the spout. To balance the taste you buy a optlaka which is a big wafer thing. We were too tight to buy a spa cup so we were feral and just cupped our hands under the running water. We also noticed while walking the streets we were getting a lot of up and down looks fromso people passing us by. I know what you're thinking, its because we're so good looking. Angela thinks its because we were more tanned than anyone is a 1000 mile radius, Adam thought it was because we looked like movie stars. What do you reckon?

4. Toilet visits can be free if you are clever!!! After eating our poor mans lunch in the park we went into the Elizabethan pool set up place in KV. We wandered through the halls and stumbled upon a toilet. Eureka!! We grabbed the opportunity to get a freebie and went in. I have never felt like so much of a criminal in all my life. I imagained a scary nurse looking woman waiting for me, hands on hips, on the other side. I'm surprised I didn't get stage fright.

5. Czech drivers are Crazy!! They overtake with minimal space, We're talking cutting it so fine that Adam and I are bracing ourselves for their crash. Speed limits are not obeyed. Surprise surprise. By the way we bought a TOm Tom so we are global again.

6. Hotel Rooms waste space. The last couple of hotel rooms have these random entry areas that completely inhibit the bed space area. Not interesting I know but annoying when it is happening to you.

7. Olomouc is not exciting. Its a bit like a test cricket match, boring, boring and more boring and then BAM something exciting happens. Today we wandered around Olomouc wondering why Lonely Planet included it, (lucky we are only here for one night) when all of a sudden policie cars were everywhere. About 1000 bikers were in the old town square and then did a ride through of the streets with the policie as an escort. It was impressive, which is lucky because otherwise we may have fallen asleep in a doorway.

We are in Olomouc tonight, another small Czech town and then tomorrow off to Slovakia. We are boycotting the capital Bratislava in favour of a small town called Nitra. We will be there until Tuesday and then off to Budapest, very excited about that. Angela will be the Buda and Adam is the pest.

Happy Anzac Day!!

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It pays to poo

Learn your 1's and 2's

sunny 18 °C

So everything is going along smoothly......until......turns out our GPS that our lovely German Peugeot man gave us (yes those dam germans again) doesn't work outside of Germany and Austria. ARE YOU JOKING!!! Heres a challenge for you...driving into a capital city with no concept of the language and absolutely zero idea where you are going. One way streets, cobblestone and a million (not exaggerating) tourists. Adam handled it beautifully, Angela hadto keep counting to ten in her head to calm down so she didn't peg the stupid, useless, noisy, useless, annoying, did I mention useless thing out the window. Anyway we will sort it out so stop worrying....next.....

So Cesky Krumlov was fantastic. As we were driving the back roads there were prostitutes standing on the side of the road. Now we're not talking about busy streets or highways but deserted country roads with no line markings that looks like the kind of place you would dump bodies not grab them. Weird. So these women are all rugged up and they were by no means lovely to look at. I am sure though that they would tickle someones fancy (and their bits).

Our hostel was great, quaint and we had a room in the attic. Adam took a big chunk out of his head while heaving our bags up the small, narrow, skinny, claustrophobic spiral staircase. NOt a happy boy..Our bohemian feast for lunch was by the Vtlava (fast flowing) river in the sunshine. Man these eastern europeans like their meat. However for $4 for a litre of beer, we weren't worried. We entertained ourselves pre-dinner at 'The HOror Bar' complete with coffins for tables, nooses hanging from the ceiling and coroners tools in the cake cabinet. The place was underground and was probably where the morgue or bomb shelter was. Nevertheless we partook in a beverage and soaked up the cigarette smoke that had nowhere to go but our lungs. yum yum.

Dinner was authentic czech cuisine complete with whipped cream on your beef (yes thats right whipped cream on beef).

All this action brings us to a quiet Monday night in a Prague hotel in what looks like a housing commission area because everywhere else in town was booked out. The lift is as big as a coffin and so we have to take separate trips, one person at a time.
Important Things to remember:
If you want to do a wee in a public toilet it will cost you 10c (2 kroner) or 30c (5kroner) for a poo. Angela didn't realise what they were asking and so paid poo rates for a wee. Ripped OFf!!
Oh Yeah and don't interrupt the receptionist when she is trying to explain something....she doesn't like it.
We are having fun.....seriously.

We will put more photos up when Adam gets around to labelling them. xx

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