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sunny 18 °C

So everything is going along smoothly......until......turns out our GPS that our lovely German Peugeot man gave us (yes those dam germans again) doesn't work outside of Germany and Austria. ARE YOU JOKING!!! Heres a challenge for you...driving into a capital city with no concept of the language and absolutely zero idea where you are going. One way streets, cobblestone and a million (not exaggerating) tourists. Adam handled it beautifully, Angela hadto keep counting to ten in her head to calm down so she didn't peg the stupid, useless, noisy, useless, annoying, did I mention useless thing out the window. Anyway we will sort it out so stop worrying....next.....

So Cesky Krumlov was fantastic. As we were driving the back roads there were prostitutes standing on the side of the road. Now we're not talking about busy streets or highways but deserted country roads with no line markings that looks like the kind of place you would dump bodies not grab them. Weird. So these women are all rugged up and they were by no means lovely to look at. I am sure though that they would tickle someones fancy (and their bits).

Our hostel was great, quaint and we had a room in the attic. Adam took a big chunk out of his head while heaving our bags up the small, narrow, skinny, claustrophobic spiral staircase. NOt a happy boy..Our bohemian feast for lunch was by the Vtlava (fast flowing) river in the sunshine. Man these eastern europeans like their meat. However for $4 for a litre of beer, we weren't worried. We entertained ourselves pre-dinner at 'The HOror Bar' complete with coffins for tables, nooses hanging from the ceiling and coroners tools in the cake cabinet. The place was underground and was probably where the morgue or bomb shelter was. Nevertheless we partook in a beverage and soaked up the cigarette smoke that had nowhere to go but our lungs. yum yum.

Dinner was authentic czech cuisine complete with whipped cream on your beef (yes thats right whipped cream on beef).

All this action brings us to a quiet Monday night in a Prague hotel in what looks like a housing commission area because everywhere else in town was booked out. The lift is as big as a coffin and so we have to take separate trips, one person at a time.
Important Things to remember:
If you want to do a wee in a public toilet it will cost you 10c (2 kroner) or 30c (5kroner) for a poo. Angela didn't realise what they were asking and so paid poo rates for a wee. Ripped OFf!!
Oh Yeah and don't interrupt the receptionist when she is trying to explain something....she doesn't like it.
We are having fun.....seriously.

We will put more photos up when Adam gets around to labelling them. xx

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Its a Small World

sunny 16 °C

So here we are in Salzburg, there was no border crossing to get excited about just one big traffic jam that added an hour to our travels. Adam is getting the hang of right hand drive and our windscreen wipers are going on less and less and the blinker is being used properly. (being on the opposite side and all). We found our hotel, Hotel Turnerwirt, no problems and the parking situation is strict, that is park wherever you want. Our room is tiny, quaint, quirky all those kinds of words but we really like it. There is however one interesting situation in the bathroom. The toilet has a platform in it for your number two's to land on. It is awkward and quite confronting really. Adam thinks its great and Angela is not so sure. He have put on a photo.

Salzburg is busy and like a fairtytale. You can imagine hans christian anderson (yes I know he's danish) or someone like that writing about cinderella while sitting in one of the cafes/piazzas. It is all set in a valley and the mountains stand somewhat ominously around like a warm blanket. There are fortresses and castles up on the mountains that are there from the war and napoleonic times. Salzburg has heaps of tourists and yesterday proved what a small world it is.

We were feeling peckish and found an underground restaurant that looked like an army bunker and sat down and sampled some authentic austrian culture and red wine. Adam mentioned loudly to Angela about testing the bed (given our sore backs from Munich) and the diner across the aisle started laughing. Turns out he is an ex-gymea bay public school teacher and lives in Cronulla. He knows acquaintaces such as Don Winstrom. He was in Salzburg for an Opera Australia tour and had been in Munich the day before also. What are the odds?????

The red wine deserves a mention because of its silkiness and ability to get you relaxed quickly with its (very) moreish qualities. We continued wandering but everything was shutting up about 6pm. We had another quick coffee. Small this time but still big enough to fit your fist in with room to spare. We will master this coffee situation soon, hopefully.

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The Long Haul

28 Hours without a shower.....mmmm nice

Well we arrived in Munich safely. The plane trip was uneventful which is a good thing considering all the nasty things sitting in close confines can bring. When you are sitting at the departure gate and you see smelly oversized gents or guys wearing orange shoes doing push ups on dirty carpet it can be a concern. However because of Adam's good karma we got a lovely skinny girl on her way to Morocco. Next.....well stop in Bangkok..uneventful....Dubai......crazy busy.....Munich Hallelujah. Although we did spend mmmmm about an hour wandering around their large (but clean) terminal looking for the Peugeot Hire Desk. After pestering a rude german woman ( I know shocking isn't it that a german wouldn't be helpful), who worked at the information desk, to ring for us it turned out the poor guy had been waiting upstairs the whole time and we had walked straight past him....typical.

Munich....beautiful. Much prettier than we expected. We cruised, as only we can do, up the main street and just took it all in. Munich has a very young trendy vibe. It is really clean and that means no graffiti, litter or unsightly things, although ugly people are still free to roam. We stopped for a coffee, ordered a medium because we were feeling caffeine deprived and received a mug bigger than our heads to drink..Note to self ask for small coffee next time. We also learned pretty quickly that you have to stay out of the bike lanes. The footpaths are divided up into bike lane and footpath and whoa if you be so brave as to cross over than be prepared...bells ringing, heads shaking and language (inappropriate and offensive i'm guessing) comes out of all directions.

Early to bed as we felt we deserved a restful night sleep and wanted to be fresh and clean for our drive to Salzburg. After waking up feeling like we had slept on a plank of wood all night we were dressed, eager and fresh to hit Austria. Let the roadtrip begin!!

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